Tuesday, November 6, 2012

put a name on it

It's takin me a year to figure out how I want to label my jars.  Spice jars and pantry jars.  I'm not only moving most of my dry goods and mixes to Mason jars due to a bug problem a few years ago, nothing like having to throw out all of your dry goods, but I'm also moving all my spices to small jars.  I needed a way to label all my jars.  I'm not a fan of the stickers on the pretty sparkly glass so that was out.  I'm also not a fan of stickers on the tops but that is a step better than being on the jar itself.  Hang tags are okay but the work of hanging all the tags with the potential to get messed up anytime you pour the contents out, well, I didn't like that idea.  See, this is why it took me so long.  Up until now I've just been using blue painters tape on the bottom of the jar.  I know, right!

Enter Pinterest. I kept seeing stuff painted with chalkboard paint.  How cool is that stuff! Now, I didn't want to use actual chalkboard paint and chalk because it's not very permanent but I did want the look of a chalkboard.  The following is what I came up with. 

See, kinda looks like chalkboard but it's not.  It's also white paint on the lid, not blue.  iPhone pics...oh well.

Wanna do this for yourself?

Supplies needed:
Jar lids
flat black spray paint
Painters pen
Newspaper to protect surfaces
Well ventilated area

Step 1: cover surface with newspaper and lay out lids

Step 2: spray lids with even layers of paint and allow to dry.  This may take several layers.

Step 3: label lids and screw on jars

Pretty simple right!

Of course I would not and did not use this on any canned foods such as the apple butter or the salsa pictured above.

As a note:  When changing the lids I did add an air absorber into each jar containing dry goods.  This helps keeps the items fresh and extends their shelf life. 

Another note:  I did not like the nozzle on the Krylon spray paint.  I had to have my husband spray the second batch because I could not compress the trigger. 


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